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I've been spending some time getting reacquainted with social media outlets. I admit I'm terrible at it. Maybe the worst! But I did need to update a much much outdated website (eek!). I have stayed busy doing makeup but I've not kept up with Instagram, Facebook and most importantly my website and keeping it fresh. I know there are many other outlets that I know I'll never be able to keep up with! Needless to say, I've missed out on sharing some amazing achievements and photoshoots that have transpired. But I feel natural in front of the computer screen writing and hope I can post some makeup tips, photos, videos as I do love doing that! I titled this first post "BACK AT IT" as it feels good and back in my first days of Magic In The Makeup I started with my "Sparkle Blog" that was on my original first website back in 2008. Also bear with me as I am not an IT person and updated my site and these hands are used for doing makeup not websites!

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