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Over the past 12 years, I've had many opportunities to work with amazing photographers, videographers, stylists, hair and makeup artists, models, and much much more in this beauty world. One photographer stands out as I've worked with him for the entire twelve years. David Beckham of David Beckham Photography is where I've resided and acquired most of my makeup hours. Although, I went to school and worked for high end beauty companies and learned skill through those sources, we artists know that time, experience and opportunity are what make us great at our trade. David specializes in Senior Portraits and Fashion Photography. It was a great place for me to start and to work on faces and learn natural beauty makeup. The majority of girls getting makeup for their senior pictures wanted to look fresh and youthful, not loaded with heavy makeup. So there I learned what works for different face shapes, how to do makeup for lighting and camera, and most of all I learned the gratefulness of having someone tell you how beautiful they feel when their makeup was finished. As time moved on, we did more and more high end fashion looks and more edgy makeup with models that would come in for photoshoots. I was able to experiment with more vibrant colors, as well as textiles (ie glitter, foil, gems, etc), and my favorite false lashes. We tried leopard prints, and neon colors, and even halloween looks. So I will say my craft continually got better because David loved to try new things and keep it fresh and he wanted to be the best at what he did. So when you work with someone that strives for the best, it pushes you to be the best too. Fast forward, because 12 years of photoshoots, I could talk forever!..David has been speaking at photography seminars for years as well as writing articles for photography magazines on his skills. Last month, he offered to co-author together an article "Hair & Makeup Tips & Tricks To Elevate Your Beauty Portraits" for the 100th Beauty Edition Issue for Behind the Shutter Magazine. It wasn't either of our first time being in editorial work but it was our first time writing together on an article which was an honorl!!

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