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I get asked a lot what it's like doing makeup for photoshoots. How do I prepare? How do I know what to pack? How long does it take to do the makeup? What type of photoshoots are your favorite?

So it depends on what type shoot I'm doing makeup for. If I'm doing senior portraits or model portfolio makeup, there is usually a significant difference. For instance in the image to the left, I was doing makeup for a stylized shoot where the model was wearing a purple wig. So fun! But most likely, totally different type of makeup than I would do for a more natural, neutral toned, youthful dewy look for a client doing their senior portraits.

I normally will know what type of shoot or makeup I will be doing prior to going into work. I then will pack my makeup case accordingly. I don't always pack purple eyeliner, glitter and lipstick as I know that will not be something I will use on an every day basis.

For the length of time it takes me to do a makeup session again depends on what I'm type of shoot I will be doing. For the above shoot, I believe it took me about 45 minutes. If there ends up being some body makeup aka, glitter/special fx then it will take additional time on top of that.

My favorite type of photoshoots are usually high fashion. Take note, I didn't say the easiest! High end looks are fun because it allows me to be a bit more creative and try new things and take more risks. I love being able to use and incorporate new elements as well as textures and materials. I've done cheetah makeup as well as gold foil which was one of my all time favorites!


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